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The History of
Central Network Retail Group

Central Network Retail Group, LLC (CNRG) is a multi-format, multi-brand company operating 145 hardware stores, home centers, and lumberyards throughout sixteen states across the US. The company was founded on May 1, 2011 by Jimmy R. Smith, president of Natchez Home Center, LLC and Boyden Moore, president of Tyndale Advisors, LLC. In addition to the founders, Doug Gregory, president of Morrison Terrebonne Lumber Company joined the board as a partner in November 2011.

CNRG Founders

Beginning with our founders Boyden Moore, Jimmy Smith, and Doug Gregory, our vision has been to bring together some of the best operators and businesses in the home improvement industry with complementary strengths and experiences to take advantage of synergies that exist in our businesses, particularly through leveraging supply chain relationships and administrative expenses. We believe that local brands are important and different businesses may run somewhat differently while still being committed to the same standards of excellence.


Committed to Excellence

Our company name reflects the commitment of operating different businesses through a central network. The more commonly used acronym of our company name, CNRG, is also a reminder that we are committed to creating synergies throughout our portfolio of companies.

CNRG often helps companies that face the challenges of succession planning and/or generational transfer of ownership. The company has grown quickly and we are committed to continued, profitable growth.

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