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Our Brands

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We currently manage 145 stores comprised of eighteen brands in sixteen states with a variety of store formats. While all of our stores have large hardware and paint departments, strong staff and deep roots in their communities, they do vary in their focus and customer base.

Hardware Brands

These brands generally serve homeowners and do-it-yourselfers with a focus on paint, outdoor living (grills, bird supplies, outdoor power tools), household supplies, etc., backed up with strong hardware sections. The customer mix is generally less than 20% pro-contractor and there is little to no lumber at these locations. These brands include:

Pro-Contractor Focused Brands

These brands primarily serve builders, remodelers and other contractors with stock lumber and generally offer an array of contractor services. Along with lumber, sheet goods, insulation and other commodities, these locations also have strong paint departments and are backed up with strong hardware sections. While contractor focused, many of these locations also attract homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, to varying degrees. These brands include:

Home Centers & Small-Town Brands

With locations in small, medium-size and large towns spread out over a number of states, these brands have a mix of lumber, retail, paint, appliances, toys and very strong hardware departments. Many of these stores feel like general stores for the small, rural communities they serve. Others are slightly more contractor focused, and some more retail/DIY focused. The common theme is a strong range of stocked products, friendly local staff and often free popcorn by the front door.

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